Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | AJMCast, a new podcast from AJMF
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AJMCast, a new podcast from AJMF

We’re thrilled to debut AJMCast this week! It’s our new podcast series featuring music from and conversations with featured AJMF9 artists. Our first AJMCast is between AJMF artist Sammy Rosenbaum and Atlanta Jewish Teen Initiative Education Director Kelly Cohen.


More AJMCasts will be released weekly for the next month and we’ll use this blog post to keep a current list:

Visiting singer/songwriter Chana Rothman and AJMF programming co-chair Drew Cohen HERE

Opening Night featured artist Tsvey Brider and Be’chol Lashon Rabbi in Residence Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder HERE

Yemen Blues founder and frontman Ravid Kahalani and AJMF programming co-chair Eli Sperling HERE

ATL Collective co-founder Micah Dalton and AJMF project coordinator Joe Alterman HERE

Visiting singer/songwriter Jacob Jeffries and AJMF project coordinator Joe Alterman HERE

Happy listening!