Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | AJMF6 Host Committee
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AJMF6 Host Committee

AJMF6 listening party attendees

We’re incredibly grateful to our fans and friends who served on the AJMF6 Host Committee. These awesome people attended a listening party, shared AJMF details with their networks and will be seen at AJMF6 events over the next two weeks!

Ginny Adams, Cantor Lauren and Moshe Adesnik, Shayna Baruck, Ilse Becerra, Bram and Anne Bessoff, Tommy Bledsoe, David Bloom, Rabbi Menachem Borenstein, Zach and Alexis Cohen, Bennie and Cobi Cohen, Lindy Miller and Jonathan Crane, Ethan and Monique Davidson, Nick and Sara Edelstein, Paul and Barbara Flexner, Leah Fuhr, Mark Gallegos, Alex Glass, Rabbi Brian Glusman, Katie Goldstein, Jessie Tallent and Mike Gofman, Mimi Hall and Russell Gottschalk, Rebecca and Jonathan Grant, Steve and Helene Gossman, Robin and Dotan Zebrowitz Harpak, Becky Herring, David Hoffman, Jon Jones, Karen Jones, Helene and Michael Kates, Samara Katz, Meredith and Alan Kitey, Tara and Josh Kornblum, Whitney and Benjamin Kweskin, Gabby Leon, Andrew Levison, Tanya and Amir Levin, Scott Levy, Eliana Leader and Yoni Kaplan, Eva Land and Adam Masarek, Taylor and Josh McGlamery, Rachel Meltzer, Ellen and Jeff Nemhauser, Josh Plancher, Amy Price, Michael Levine and Bonnie Puckett, Mason and Dara Redler, Jennie Rivlin and Webb Roberts, Ana and Eric Robbins, Raychel Robbins and Peter Scourtis, Sammy Rosenbaum, Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal, Amy, Philip and Jake Rubin, Marla Shainberg, Darren Silver, Rabbi David and Gal Spinrad, Tracey and Jared Solovei, Yonit Stern, Eden Doniger and Itai Tsur, Lori Wilson and Bill Thompson, Matt Waldman, Matt Weiss, Ari Weitz, Julie and Dov Wilker, Valerie and Paul Root Wolpe, Hannah Zale, Ronnie and Howard Zandman