Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | AJMF6 Rocked!!
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AJMF6 Rocked!!

AJMF6 eblast TY final no stroke

As we leave season 6 (July 2014- June 2015) in the past, we have six reasons to be excited for the successes and milestones of AJMF6.

1. We engaged 13,000+ attendees, the first time ever we reached a five figure fanbase for year-round programming.

2. We produced or co-produced 50+ events, our most productive season yet.

3. We had growth from new partnerships with visiting teen conventions, increased synagogue collaborations and large community events.

4. We nurtured continuing programs like the Molly Blank Concert Series at The Breman, the Jazz at the J series and our Teen Open Mic series.

5. We’ve grown outside the Jewish community, receiving presenting sponsorships from Fulton County Arts and Culture plus the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

6. More people than ever (6,000+) are receiving this eblast, following us through social media and connecting with us in real life.

We’re humbled by our success and excited for another incredible season of live performance events and dynamic learning programs inspired by the transcendent power of Jewish music! Want to be the first to find out about our season 7 (July 2015-June 2016) programming? Join our email list.