Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | AJMF8 Commission FAQs
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AJMF8 Commission FAQs

We’ve received a few questions re: the commission announcement last month. Here’s what you should know:

– How and when am I getting paid?

Payments will be made in two installments, $900 at the announcement of the commission winner (by Dec. 31, 2016) and $900 on the day of the show (March 9, 2017).

– Does the AJMF8 performance have to be all new music?

No, we want you to premier some new music but we recognize it is difficult to create a lot of music in a short period of time. Some of this event can be previously written music.

– Does it have to be all my own music?

No, we expect you to incorporate collaborators in the creation and performance of this night’s music. It’s OK if this evening has multiple artists on the line-up. It’s also OK if you play a cover or two. Think creatively and have fun with it!

– So what else is in it for me/us?

We thought you’d never ask! In addition to premiering your new work in front of an eager audience, you’ll be included in AJMF’s full festival PR efforts covering approximately 75 Jewish and Atlanta arts communities. As part of this operation, you will be provided multiple interview opportunities with local and national radio, print and digital outlets.

In addition, we will record this performance and give you full ownership of the tracks. In return, you’ll list “Produced by Atlanta Jewish Music Festival (AJMF)” on any/all distribution outlets for any/all of your music performed at AJMF8.

Lastly, you can sell merch at the show! Some people make a nice chunk of change off t-shirt and CD sales at AJMF events.

– Anything I should avoid when preparing my application?

Check out previous Spring Festivals here [] to get an idea of our programming trends. We like topical events, creative collaborations and as you might imagine (but something we should emphasize), programs that command an audience. We want to support a commission that both we and our audience will want to hear/see.

  • Any questions we didn’t cover here?

The same address for applications/EPKs (info (at) atlantajmf (dot) org) is the same location for questions about this new commission. Reach out at any time.