Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | AJT guide to AJMF7
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AJT guide to AJMF7

Atlanta’s premier source for Jewish news and content, the Atlanta Jewish Times unveiled their 8 page AJMF7 guide this week! It’s diverse and detailed, including interviews and information from artists, venues, community partners and more. We’ve created this post to organize all the articles and we’ll be updating links as they’re published online.

Thanks AJT!! You guys rock.

Katie Welch’s “Fierce Tiger Design” wins AJMF7 poster contest – READ MORE

Terminal West to host AJMF7’s “Purim Party for the Ages” – READ MORE

Discover Sacred Offerings and “Embrace Your Spiritual Side” – READ MORE

Learn about our Purim Party headliner, answering the question “Who is A-WA Anyway?” – READ MORE

Revisit Jaffa Road and their journey “Back to AJMF” – READ MORE

Hear Soulfarm at a discount as The Kehilla “Cuts Ticket Cost to Thank Community” – READ MORE

Explore the AJMF7 featured artist guide – READ MORE

Expect “Strange and Wonderful Things” from AJMF7’s Klezmer group from Athens – READ MORE