Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | AJT pullout guide to AJMF9
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AJT pullout guide to AJMF9

Jewish Atlanta’s leading news provider, The Atlanta Jewish Times (AJT) published their extensive and detailed AJMF9 pullout guide this week. We’ve collected links to their articles:

  • “Sample the Featured Artists” by David R. Cohen here
  • “2 New Acoustic Spins on Yiddish, Klezmer Music” by David R. Cohen here
  • “Chana Rothman Plays Festival Iron Woman” Kevin Madigan here
  • “This is How We Did It” by guest columnist and AJMF Executive Director Russell Gottschalk here
  • “Lola Marsh Connects Fantasy to Indie Pop” by Sarah Moosazadeh here
  • “2 Flavors of Yemenite Influence Fuse Into Festival” by Sarah Moosazadeh here
  • “Robotic Musician Does More Than Keep the Beat” by Sarah Moosazadeh here
  • “ATL Collective’s ‘Stranger’ Take on Billy Joel” by guest columnist and AJMF Project Coordinator Joe Alterman here

Many thanks to the entire AJT team for this fantastic resource! Find where you can pick up a physical AJT by searching their distribution map here.