Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Announcing 2nd Annual Atlanta Jewish Preview Party
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Announcing 2nd Annual Atlanta Jewish Preview Party

2016 AJPP image header

We’re excited to announce the return of the Atlanta Jewish Preview Party, a collaboration with our sibling Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) and supported by young adult organizations ACCESS, Grapevine and MJCCA’s Young Adults.

RSVP here to be entered to win a special events ticket pack to the 2016 AJFF and AJMF.

+ Learn about our multi-day festivals (AJFF 1/26 -2/16; and AJMF is 3/10-27).
+ Get the best ticket deals available with our exclusive, in-house BOGO (buy one, get one) offers.
+ Enjoy a diverse mix of tunes provided by ATL’s own DJ Mike Zarin.
+ Be the first to see trailers from the 2016 line-up in our Young Adult category.

Door Opens 6:30pm, Music Starts 7:00pm

Aisle 5 (1123 Euclid Ave SE Atlanta 30307)

18+ only, NO COVER