Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Avoid #FOMO
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Avoid #FOMO


With our Opening Night on the verge of total SELL OUT (a few tickets remain for the 9:30 set), fear of missing out is running high. Here’s a break down of the artists, vendors and moments you do not want to miss!

Thursday, March 20
Afro-Semitic Experience performs at 7:30 and 9:30 PM
Silent Auction is open until 9:00 PM
Steve’s Live Music hosts Opening Night
Uber serves the entire festival

Sunday, March 23
Boomfox performs at 1:25 PM
Cohen, Miles performs at 12:40 PM
Drum Circle at 11:00 AM
Miss Emily performs at 11:00 AM
Fun Flash Foto! serves all day
Goren, Justin performs at 12:20 PM
Josh Nelson Project performs at 2:05 PM
Mag-nificent serves all day
MJCCA (Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta) hosts Family Day and Shabbat Celebrations
No Komment performs at 1:00 PM
DJ Sammy performs all day
The Shtetl People perform at 1:30 PM
Stein, JR performs at noon
Uber serves the entire festival

Danger Press live t-shirt printing all night
DJ Camille performs all night
Mag-nificent serves all night
Pauker, Mikey: performs at 9:25 PM
Schechter, Basya performs at 8:45 PM
Uber serves the entire festival
Variety Playhouse hosts the Main Event
W Atlanta Downtown hosts Main Event after-party from 12:01 AMonward
Yo La Tengo headlines at 10:15 PM

Friday, March 21
AA (Ahavath Achim Synagogue) musicians collaborate with CBH
CBH (Congregation Bet Haverim) musicians collaborate with AA and host Shabbat Service
Uber serves the entire festival
7:30 service (FREE)

Friday, March 28
Glusman, Rabbi Brian collaborates with Mikey Pauker at 5:30 and 7:00 PM
MJCCA (Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta) hosts Shabbat Celebrations
Pauker, Mikey collaborates with Rabbi Glusman at 5:30 and 7:00 PM
Uber serves the entire festival
5:30 and 7:00 celebrations (FREE)