Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Celebrating Classic Albums by Jewish Musicians
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Celebrating Classic Albums by Jewish Musicians

paul simon graceland

This week, we took over ATL Collective‘s Instagram to celebrate our favorite classic albums by Jewish musicians AND give away two tickets to their upcoming show recreation Paul Simon’s Graceland. Here are the other classic Jewish albums we highlighted alongside Simon’s iconic collaboration of American and African musicians.

barbara streisand broadway album

The Broadway Album (1985) is the 24th studio album from director, composer, actress and singer Barbara Streisand. It marked a major shift in Streisand’s career, from years of rock and disco oriented songs to musicals and singing standards. The Broadway Album is her 6th #1 album and part of her 6-decade run of reaching the #1 spot (chart toppers from 1960’s to 2010’s).

songs of leonard cohen

Canadian poet Leonard Cohen’s debut as a folk singer-songwriter at the age of 33 is an enduring masterpiece. Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967) contains several popular singles that have been re-recorded by various artists ranging from Neil Diamond to Harry Belafonte. The ATL Collective recreated this album in March 2015.

beastie boys license to ill

The first rap album to top the Billboard Charts, The Beastie Boy’s License to Ill (1986) contains the classic party sing-alongs “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Party!)” and “No Sleep Til Brooklyn.” This album was one of the first commercial successes of producer Rick Rubin and has sold over 10 million copies in the US to date.

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