AJMF8 International Night
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AJMF8 International Night

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AJMF8 International Night features the winners of our first ever AJMF commission, Nick Edelstein and Foad Naraghi. From their application last Fall:

“The songs we are preparing are about unifying opposing communities and ethnicities. The first is called “Solidus” and borrows its name from the slash symbol [The division line between the numerator and the denominator of a fraction]. This hard line reveals the common denominator amongst ourselves, and when broken apart (Solid Us) the meaning is unification. We begin with the obvious “U.S.” (as in, presidential election politics) but quickly move beyond to a more personal and universal “us” — Jews, Muslims, Turkish and Kurdish, refugee immigrants, etc. can unite towards common goals. How can our common ground unite us to help create a solid US?

The music would blend instruments that traditionally never mix – a renaissance crumhorn and cornetto, electric guitar and analog synth, tabla and other middle eastern percussion – with modern and traditional vocal stylings to create new, fresh tone colors.”

Nick and Foad will be joined on stage by members of Nick’s critically-acclaimed band, “The Grooves,” and Ladino singer/songwriter Sarah Aroeste for a truly incredible evening. The new songs will be featured alongside Foad’s unique modernized stylings of Turkish and Persian folk melodies, backed by The Grooves’ funky horns and rhythm section.