Songs Not Silenced at Kennesaw State University
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Songs Not Silenced at Kennesaw State University

  • This event has passed.
Morgan Concert Hall Bailey Performance Center
March 23
7:00 PM doors,  7:00 pm show
FREE online,  

Songs Not Silenced: Music Forbidden in the Holocaust is a concert featuring the work of composers who were banned in Nazi Germany and occupied European countries. The ban affected Jewish composers as well as non-Jewish composers writing in modern or jazz-influenced styles–they were all denied performance, publication, and recording opportunities, bringing an end to their European careers. Performing the songs of these composers gives voice to music that was forbidden, and reminds us all of the importance of tolerance, respect, and understanding in our contemporary world.

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Exhibition opens at 7 PM, Program begins 8 PM.

A special feature of the program will be the US premieres of two sets of songs by conductor-composer Ignatz Waghalter. These will be followed by art, folk, and music theater songs by Kurt Weill, Darius Milhaud, Viktor Ullmann, and Ilse Weber. Performers are KSU faculty vocalists Jana Young and Oral Moses, with pianist Judy Cole accompanying. Commentary will be provided by Dr. Laurence Sherr, internationally recognized for his work with music in the Holocaust, and David Green, grandson of Ignatz Waghalter.