Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Going, Going, Gone!
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Going, Going, Gone!


Our silent auction returns at Opening Night (3/20 at Steve’s Live Music) and we have our most diverse and appealing series of items ever!

– Music instruction and production services from Bram Bessoff, Nick Edelstein, Gayanne Geurin, Will Robertson, Sam Rosenbaum

– Live concert tickets to Wheels within Wheels (3/22 at The Friends School), Voices and Harps (4/4 at Emory University), Ben Sidran (4/10 at MJCCA),  Haim (5/2 at Tabernacle), 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra (5/4 at MJCCA) and a future Variety Playhouse show

– Better Jewish living discounts and services
for Adamah Adventures, Jewish Kids Groups, Limmud Atlanta+Southeast,  Health Club and Sports League memberships at the MJCCA

AND MUCH MORE! Get your tickets to Opening Night to be part of the fun and philanthropy.