Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Havdallah Concert FAQ’s
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Havdallah Concert FAQ’s

You have questions about the Shabbat Project Havdallah Concert and we have answers!
– What time do I show up?
Doors open at the Atlanta Jewish Academy at 9:00 PM and the show will start around 9:30 PM.
– What sort of music should I expect?
Eitan Katz and his band perform soulful, stirring songs to get you dancing and singing. The final act, Sammy K, is a rapper who will perform contemporary, original Hip Hop.
– So is this kid-friendly?
Yes! All ages are welcome at this event.
– What about the open bar?
All ages includes adults! We want all people to be comfortable and well nourished. But don’t worry, the adults area and kids’ area will be split in the lobby.
– Do I need to RSVP?
RSVP is not necessary unless we hit capacity (600 people) in the venue. If we do, then only registered guests will be allowed admittance.
– Where can I RSVP?
Right here-> But make sure to RSVP by end of day Thursday October 26 when our advance registration closes.