Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Intro To Zusha
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Intro To Zusha

Zusha outside

With the High Holydays behind us, we’re primed for a HUGE October (11 events!) that features two big new events for AJMF: the Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition and The Atlanta Shabbos Project. The former will feature local bands that many of you know well. The latter concludes with a concert featuring Zusha, an emerging Hasidic Soul trio from New York that will be playing an AJMF event for the first time. Here’s what you need to know about these dynamic musicians:

  • Zusha is a Hasidic Soul band inspired by friends Shlomo, Elisha and Zachariah.
  • Their self-titled debut EP launched to #9 on Billboard’s World music chart. They will be releasing their first full-length LP October 2015, the week following the Atlanta Shabbos Project.
  • They have played to sold out audiences in New York (Mercury Lounge, Highline Ballroom, Knitting Factory, Bowery Ballroom), Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, and Jerusalem.
  • While borrowing lines from ancient liturgy, Zusha’s music is a blend of jazz, reggae, folk, ska, gypsy swing, and traditional Jewish soul—The Times of Israel called them “Wordless melodies to soothe the soul.”. The resulting sound is dynamic; at times it feels raw and rustic, at times gentle and poignant. And then sometimes you just can’t help but get up and dance.

Listen to Zusha here. Learn more about Zusha here.

Buy tickets to see them live at the Atlanta Shabbos Project (10/24, 9:00 PM at AJA) HERE.