Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Jewish ATL’s Shabbat Project
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Jewish ATL’s Shabbat Project

Saturday, October 28 | Doors 9:00 PM | Music 9:30 PM

With Kosher snacks, open bar and live performances by:

  Eitan Katz and Sammy K.  

Event is FREE and open to the public. RSVP in advance here to reserve a seat at the show. RSVPs close this Friday October, 27 at noon.



Artist bios:

His heartfelt music may have propelled him to the upper echelons of the Jewish music business, but for Eitan Katz, music isn’t about fame, popularity or business. A gift from above that allows each of us to connect with the sparks of holiness that lie deep within ourselves, Eitan sees music as a powerful motivator that fills us with simcha, infuses our lives with spirituality and connects people of all types in an emotional experience like none other.

A member of an extremely musical family, Eitan spent his childhood moving back and forth between Los Angeles and Israel. During his high school years, Eitan found himself gravitating towards the music of R’ Shlomo Carlebach which resonated deep within him and prompted him to take up the guitar, an instrument that instantly felt like it belonged in his hands.  By age 16 Eitan had written his first original song, the precursor to many heartfelt compositions that brought the words of davening and Tanach to life in unprecedented ways.

His first two albums, Eilecha, produced by his father, beloved chazzan, Avshalom Katz, and Biglal Avos were released jointly with his brother Shlomo. Eitan has six more solo albums to his credit. While LemaanchaBoruch HuLive in Jerusalem, and Shuvu feature many of Eitan’s original compositions, Eitan Katz Unplugged and Eitan Katz Unplugged 2 feature the niggunim of Shlomo Carlebach.

Eitan, has continued to learn in yeshiva throughout his musical career and he credits his learning for being the inspiration for his music.  He travels throughout the United States, spending Shabbosos in different Jewish communities, leading the davening, sharing divrei Torah and ending Shabbos with a moving concert/kumzitz. Eitan prides himself on leading an orchestra that is merely the vehicle for the inherent simcha at every wedding, never the star of the show but rather the all important backdrop that sets the stage for an event that is all about holiness-infused happiness.


Born and bred in Atlanta, a city notorious for pumping out hip-hop’s biggest and most influential names, Sammy K‘s passion for creating music that is truthful to his heritage is powerful and unique. As an Orthodox Jewish rapper, Sammy K stands tall in the category of mainstream hip-hop music. His approach to rap music is clean but sophisticated and his messages resonate with audiences on many levels. Sammy K has shown an impressive lyrical ability with his rapid-fire flow and memorable choruses even while preaching about deep ideas such as world peace, eliminating violence, and unity.

His first major hit, “Alone” (feat. Yaakov Galen) was inspired after the tragic loss of his friend Ezra Schwartz, a victim of a terror attack. After releasing two EPs, Sammy K moved out to NY to start his college career. Shortly after moving out to New York, the rapper’s promotional video for his hit song, “Kosher Kosher,” quickly went viral, accumulating over 2,000,000 views, and over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Having recently moved back to Atlanta, Sammy K has plans to cement his ability as a rapper and take his talents to the next level. The sky is the limit for Sammy K after opening for artists such as Travis Porter, Alex Clare, and more.