Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | #KeepingItTogether
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The Atlanta Shabbat Project begins tonight with The Great Big Challah Bake (sorry, sold out). Approximately 600 Jews and challah lovers will crowd the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta to mix their ingredients, knead their dough and braid their future holy Shabbat bread.

In addition, communities in over 60 countries will be doing the exact same thing. This relatively new project to unite the Jewish diaspora in observance of Shabbat has truly caught on as Jews worldwide embrace the sacred ritual and connection to other communities. Learn more about the global Shabbat Project (AKA Shabbos Project) celebrations by clicking here.

Our Atlanta festivities end with a concert by Hasidic Soul trio Zusha. This will be their first public performance in Atlanta and they’ll be joined by two friends, creating a five-person ensemble. Havdallah will start around 9:00 PM at the Atlanta Jewish Academy, immediately followed by Zusha’s performance. Learn more about Zusha and buy tickets to the conclusion of the Shabbat Project here.

And make sure to use the hashtag #KeepingItTogether during the festivities!