Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Mason Redler joins the AJMF team
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Mason Redler joins the AJMF team


We’re incredibly excited to welcome Galloway School student Mason Redler to our AJMF7 team as an intern! We asked Mason to share his thoughts about joining AJMF:

Hey everybody!

My name is Mason Redler, i’m fourteen and a freshman at the Galloway School. I’m very excited to join the AJMF community as an intern. I will be helping with event production and social media, primarily Instagram. I am especially excited to learn how to set up and control a soundboard at a live concert. My biggest goal this year is to get more Jewish teens like me involved with AJMF.

Im going to use social media to attract more young Jewish teens to the various events put on by the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. I am glad that I get to be apart of an amazing Jewish community right here in Atlanta. In my musical life right now, I’m in a half jewish, half non-Jewish band with other kids my age. We hope to get an actual paying gig this year (fingers crossed!). AJMF is a very rare experience that not a lot of people get to be a part of so I am so excited to be an important part of the AJMF family and community.