Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Music Themed Films at AJFF 2017
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Music Themed Films at AJFF 2017

The 17th annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival will present film through a Jewish lens January 24 – February 15, 2017. There are a few music-themed films that should be on your radar when tickets go on sale Wednesday, January 18:


BANG! THE BERT BERNS STORY chronicles the colorful life and pioneering musicography of an audacious and influential maverick of crossover 1960s music–rock and roll, and soul–that helped define an era.



A must-see for Broadway aficionados, BEST WORST THING THAT EVER COULD HAVE HAPPENED charts the troubled history and ultimate redemption of a legendary Stephen Sondheim flop.



The story of one of the most popular songs in the jazz repertoire, BODY AND SOUL: AN AMERICAN BRIDGE illustrates the complex musical interplay between Jewish and African-American cultures.



A childless Israeli musical couple seeks to form a family in HARMONIA, a contemporary adaptation of the biblical tale of Abraham and Sarah set inside the inner sanctum of a symphony hall.



A socially awkward young woman takes her first tentative steps toward independence and fulfilling a lifelong dream, in the Dutch romantic dramedy MOOS.



A love letter to the golden age of radio, Woody Allen’s RADIO DAYS draws on childhood memories and period tunes to evoke a nostalgic slice of 1940s Jewish-American life in the New York boroughs.