Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | New Season 6 Board Installed
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New Season 6 Board Installed

Becky Herring

Last night, AJMF’s volunteer board met to install the new board and executive committee members for our sixth season (2014-15). We are excited to welcome Alan, Jonathan, Lauren and Sammy to the team and congratulate Becky (pictured) on her nomination to board co-chair and Bonnie on her nomination to board secretary. Our full slate of volunteer board members and executive committee for this coming season are:

Bram Bessoff, President (co-chair)
Becky Herring, Vice President (co-chair)
Scott Levy, Treasurer
Bonnie Puckett, Secretary

Board members: Lauren Adesnik, Jonathan Crane, Rabbi Brian Glusman, Lynn-Anne Huck, Alan Kitey, Julie Naturman, Webb Roberts, Sammy Rosenbaum, Eli Sperling, Val Wolpe