Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Our Story
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Our Story


AJMF was created by native Atlantan Russell Gottschalk and a dozen visionary Jewish and community leaders in early 2009 under the auspices’ of Limmud Atlanta +Southeast. It was created to feature contemporary Jewish music in an effort to entertain and educate the general public on Jewish culture and unite Atlanta’s young Jewish community through the power of music

This cultural initiative is now launched as a separate non-profit entity with its own board of directors and paid staff. Based on the successful Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF, founded 2001), AJMF was established to expand innovative Jewish programming for the Greater Atlanta community. Launching programming in 2010, AJMF’s first season included an extended artist residency with Israeli Hip-Hop duo Axum (March-April, 2010) and a one day Spring Festival (June 6, 2010).

Now in its ninth season (2017-18), AJMF is a year-round producer and promoter of 70+ diverse and engaging Jewish music experiences annually, including our Spring Festival (March 8-25, 2018), artist residencies, listening parties, open mic events, community partnerships and more. Additionally, AJMF maintains consistent contact with its fans through its website, social media platforms and online connections, fostering dialogue that helps visiting artists attract a larger audience, educates a young constituency and creates a greater interest in contemporary Jewish culture.

Previous Spring Festivals

AJMF1 featured artistsMoshav, DeLeon, Girls in Trouble, 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra

AJMF2 featured artists: Sway Machinery, Jaffa Road, Nick and The Grooves, Sunmoon Pie, Lily of the Suburbs, Ariel Root Wolpe, Diwon, Musicians from Ahavath Achim and Bet Haverim

AJMF3 featured artists: Jacob Jeffries Band, Red Hot Chachkas, DJ Camille, Lazy Mane and Kosherbeets, Adam Klein and The Wild Fires, Aviva and the Flying Penguins

AJMF4 featured artists: Lisa Loeb, Electra, Saul Kaye, DJ Mike Zarin, Michael Feinberg Quartet, Jordan Dayan & Friends, Michael Levine, Musicians from Ahavath Achim and Bet Haverim

AJMF5 featured artists: Yo La Tengo, Mikey Pauker, Basya Schechter, DJ Camille, Afro-Semitic Experience, Josh Nelson Project, Boomfox, Musicians from Ahavath Achim and Bet Haverim

AJMF6 featured artists: Diwan Saz, Yael Deckelbaum, Jump Babylon, Zale, Sammy Rosenbaum, Red Heifers, Tony Levitas and Friends, 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, Musicians from Ahavath Achim and Bet Haverim, Cantors Adesnik, Hartman, Kassel and Margulis, Summit Trio and other local musicians

AJMF7 featured artists: A-WA, Jaffa Road, Hadar Noiberg Trio, Joe Buchanan, AJMF All-Stars, Klezmer Local 42, Beth Tikvah musicians, Gayanne Geurin, Will Robertson and Sunmoon Pie, Andrew & Polly, Soulfarm, FSQ, Sammy Rosenbaum and local teens

AJMF8 featured artistsATL Collective, Odessa/Havana, Idan Raichel, Sarah Aroeste, Noah Aronson, Yotam Silberstein, Axum, Peled, Sagol 59, Kosha Dillz, Nick Edelstein, Foad Naraghi, AJMF All-Stars and other musicians

AJMF9 featured artistsATL Collective, Yemen Blues, Marc Cohn, Joshua Radin, Tsvey Brider, Beyond the Pale, Cantor’s CouchChana Rothman, Zale, Joe Alterman, Sammy Rosenbaum, Beth Schafer, Shimon Robot, Matt Citron, Sammy K, Prodezra, Flavia Krishna & Gershone, Sunmoon Pie and other musicians

Strategic Goals and Objectives


  1. Establish our signature program, the Spring Festival, as a must-attend event for Jewish music fans across the Southeast and greater United States.
  2. Expand AJMF’s presence as a major, year round programmer in Atlanta’s arts and Jewish communities.
  3. Energize AJMF’s core demographic (young, Intown, unaffiliated Jews) to broaden our community and be a pathway for connecting recent arrivals to Jewish Atlanta.
  4. Support local artists through incubation programs like open mics, artist workshops, collaborative experiences and contests.
  5. Attract diverse Jewish artists from all over the world and present these unique performances throughout Atlanta.
  6. Connect with more established and emerging Jewish and arts organizations in Atlanta to increase creative collaborations and create a more joyous and rhythmic community of ruach (spirit).
  7. Diversify AJMF’s audience base to include more students, young families, synagogue members, non-Jews and Jews from all faiths and backgrounds.

Mission and Vision


With music as our inspirational partner, AJMF grows Jewish community and celebrates our heritage through year-round live performance events and dynamic learning programs for the Southeast region. We bring diverse community together for a resounding annual world music Spring Festival.


We inspire and grow community through the transcendent power of Jewish music. 



INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES: Rabbi Ruth and David Abusch-Magder, Cantor Lauren and Moshe Adesnik, Beth and Joel Arogeti, Sarah Arogeti, Wendy and Dale Bearman, Zachary Bercu, Candy and Steve Berman, Marjorie Berman and Ed Cook, Anne and Bram Bessoff, Linda and Gregg Brenner, Staci and Matt Brill, Diana and Daniel Cohen, Kelly and Drew Cohen, Lori and Gregg Cohen, Mark and Tova Cohen, Lindy Miller and Rabbi Jonathan Crane, Nikki and Randy Crohn, Monique and Ethan Davidson, Sara and Marshall Duke, Jaci and Jon Effron, Josh Feingold, Ellen and Howard Feinsand, Stephanie Footer, Lois and Larry Frank, Murray and Lynn Friedman, Alexandra Fuchs, Paulette and Barry Fuchs, Heidi and David Geller, Rabbi Brian Glusman, Jessica and Kyle Goldich, Kathy Gottschalk, Mimi Hall and Russell Gottschalk, Floyd Hall, Halpern-Oppenheimer Family Foundation, Robin and Dotan Zebrowitz Harpak, Becky Herring, Anne and Bank Hipp, Mandy and Adam Hirsch, Anne Hazzard and Michael Isaacs, Randi Jaffe, Carole and Sid Kirschner, Meredith and Alan Kitey, Elissa and Harris Konter, Steve and Eydie Koonin, Meghan and Todd Koransky, Rachel and Dave Kriebel, Eliana Leader and Yoni Kaplan, Fred Levick, Tanya and Amir Levin, Bonnie and Michael Levine, Scott Levy, Seth Lynn, Charlotte and Joel Marks, Jeremy Meisel, Rachel Meltzer, Alyza and Justin Milrad, Morris Family Foundation, Melanie and Allan Nelkin, Jody Pollack, Amy Price and Rob Kistenberg, Eileen and David Price, Ana and Eric Robbins, Raychel Robbins and Peter Scourtis, Judy and Shai Robkin, Diane Roosth and Amos Hall, Brooke and Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal, Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler, Shades of Light Foundation, The Slover Family, Eli Sperling, Moses “Mostai” Staimez, William Tinkler, Eden Doniger and Itai Tsur, Leslie and Fred Wachter, Risa and Rich Walter, Stephanie and Matthew Weiss, Louise and Tom Wells, Dov and Julie Wilker, Valerie and Paul Root Wolpe, Ronnie and Howard Zandman