Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Re-Live the Beginning of the 5th AJMF
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Re-Live the Beginning of the 5th AJMF

From Opening Night to Family Day and Shabbat Service in between, this was an amazing start to the 5th Annual Atlanta Jewish Music Festival!


Click the picture to see Afro-Semitic Experience and the fans who enjoyed their Atlanta premier.

mikes and gayanne

We don’t have any pictures from the Shabbat Service but this shot from the sound check gives you an idea of the vibe (which included Bonnie Puckett, Will Robertson and approximately 150 worshippers not pictured).

1912473_10152052598216376_1197612784_o (1)

Click the picture to see the festivities and artists, including our teen, emerging and national performers in addition to a drum circle, photo magnets and more, that filled Family Day with ruach.