Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Regional Bussing Program
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Regional Bussing Program

AJMF7 bus


For the first time ever, we’re offering free travel to AJMF7 for groups outside of Atlanta.

Here’s our game plan:

– We cover transportation costs to/from the venue (if you’re coming for the day) or to/from Atlanta (if you’re coming for the weekend). We also become your AJMF7 concierge, connecting you to home stay options, theAJMF hotel at discounted rate, kosher vendors and more.

– You get the crew together. Check out our line-up and pick the event(s) you want to attend. Buy tickets if needed and reach out to AJMF (info (at) atlantajmf (d0t) org) to coordinate the details.

It’s a potential win-win-win, but this subsidized travel funding is limited, so reach out soon if you want in on the fun.