Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Ryan Baill Joins the AJMF Team
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Ryan Baill Joins the AJMF Team


We’re incredibly excited to welcome Ryan Baill to our AJMF7 team as an intern! We asked Ryan to share some of his background and his thoughts about joining AJMF:

Hi, my name is Ryan Baill and I’m an undergraduate at Georgia State University. I spend the majority of my time focusing on my Business Hospitality degree and countless hours in the basement of the percussion studio in attempts to refine my craft as a concert percussionist. I have a passion for music and Judaism which is why I am so excited to join the capable team that puts on the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. I am ecstatic to work behind the scenes and see how events are planned by a group of professionals. My goal is to make events run more smoothly in any way that I can help and truly soak up information from the amazing jewish people who bring music to our community.

Ryan will be directly assisting with AJMF’s youtube content creation. Check out our live videos recorded at AJMF events here.