Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Seeking Fall 2014 Interns
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Seeking Fall 2014 Interns

jr performs teen open mic

We are looking for a high school seniors and/or college students who want to impact a young, non-profit and be involved in the many aspects of running a year-long, music-driven organization. The Fall 2014 AJMF Intern will work with a team to facilitate social media growth, help with the curatorial process, implement business development goals where possible and coordinate volunteers, meetings, and other logistics as needed.

Strong applicants will:

– Demonstrate strong interest in contemporary music, live music and/or personal musicianship

– Maintain a connection to and experience with the Greater Atlanta Jewish community and modern Jewish expression including but not limited to Jewish music, Jewish culture and social Judaism

– Be proficient in web-based applications, including content development and message coordination across various AJMF platforms (WordPress website, Mailchimp listserve, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Soundcloud and Youtube)

– Possess a strong work ethic and creative mind


Interested applicants apply by August 15, 2014 to info (at) atlantajmf (dot) org .