Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Sponsor AJMF7
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Sponsor AJMF7

AJMF7 sponsor opportunities F1N

We’re excited to announce sponsorship opportunities for AJMF7 (March 10-27, 2016)! Contact for more details or a personalized package.

If you find the above document difficult to read, find the text below.

Thank you for your support of AJMF and a more vibrant Jewish Atlanta!

DIAMOND ($10,000+): 10 VIP TICKETS Main Event (3/26/16), 6 VIP TICKETS Opening Night (3/10/16), STAGE HOST A Spring Fest Event (TBD). Plus top billing on e-mail, signage and website, 8 AJMF shirts and 4 limited edition silk screened posters.

PLATINUM ($5,000+): 6 VIP TICKETS Main Event (3/26/16), 4 VIP TICKETS Opening Night (3/10/16), STAGE HOST A Year Round Event (TBD). Plus featured placement on e-mail, signage and website, 6 AJMF shirts and 3 limited edition silk screened posters.

GOLD ($2,500+): 4 VIP TICKETS Main Event (3/26/16) and 2 VIP TICKETS Opening Night (3/10/16). Plus logo on e-mail, signage and website, 4 AJMF shirts and 2 limited edition silk screened posters.

SILVER ($1,000+): 4 VIP TICKETS Main Event (3/26/16). Plus logo or name on e-mail, signage and website, 2 AJMF shirts and 1 limited edition silk screened posters.