Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Strengthening First Fridays and Sacred Jewish Atlanta
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Strengthening First Fridays and Sacred Jewish Atlanta

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We’re excited to launch our summer fundraising campaign TODAY! In collaboration with The Temple, this month-long effort will strengthen First Fridays and sacred Jewish Atlanta.

As you may know, First Fridays was established by The Temple in early 2014 to be an authentic, relevant, and monthly music-driven Jewish spiritual and social experience. Our collaboratively created, welcoming and diverse community reflects our city at large: Jews from many different backgrounds, partners in interfaith relationships, people exploring Judaism or in the process of becoming Jewish, and Jews of all ages and affiliations who seek meaningful spiritual living. We welcome those who would like to be a part of First Fridays by attending our events (next one June 5! 8:00 PM doors, 8:30 PM service). And we’re reaching out to friends, family and those interested in vibrant Jewish living to support this month long campaign that will enable growth and expansion of First Fridays programming.


Our modest budget barely covers the basic operational costs of food and drink (both before and after service), audio equipment and musicians fees, including those of visiting artists. Support from this campaign will enable four important expansions of our capacity:
– We’ll create new music by and for community members.
– We’ll upgrade our audio equipment.
– We’ll expand our food and drink budget.
– We’ll plan and execute an annual, signature program that serves to grow our base and celebrate our successes.

Thank you for your support and consideration!