Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Support AJMF’s Year End Campaign
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Support AJMF’s Year End Campaign

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With Georgia Gives Day behind us (THANK YOU Georgians!), we turn our attention to our year-end campaign that will support AJMF7, our annual world music Spring Festival.

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AJMF’s signature event is the Spring Festival, which attracted 3300+ attendees in 2015 (March 12-23, 2015) for 10 events over a 12 day period. People from all ages, backgrounds, affiliations and denominations attended the 2015 Spring Festival, including Jews and non-Jews. Throughout the festival, audience members had the opportunity to engage with local artists and vendors in a casual, informal environment.  The 2016 Spring Festival will build on the success of previous Spring Festivals, bringing in new artists and reaching greater audiences with similar appealing programming, while helping to further establish Atlanta as the Jewish cultural hub of the South.

Please consider including AJMF in your year end donations and help us continue to inspire community through the transcendent power of Jewish music.