Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Teen Battle of the Bands
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Teen Battle of the Bands


Building upon the successes of 3+ years of Teen Open Mics and performance opportunities, we are proud to introduce the inaugural Teen Battle of the Bands, which will take place Sunday March 27, 2016 (1:00-4:00 PM, venue TBA).

If you or a friend wants to compete, please send a request for participation to info (at) atlantajmf (dot) org by Sunday January 31, 2016. This message should include an EPK, links to your music and/or any other helpful information that will help determine your eligibility.

An eligible band must have all teen performers with at least one Jewish member. Eligible bands will have performed publicly multiple times.

Teen Battle of the Bands competition guidelines and prizes will be announced in February. Venue will be announced with the full AJMF7 line-up on Tuesday January 12. Join our e-mail list (see below) to stay informed.