Atlanta Jewish Music Festival | Welcome new AJMF7 Board Members!
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Welcome new AJMF7 Board Members!


Today, we formally welcome new AJMF7 board members to the team and celebrate our transition to new seasonal colors. Drew Cohen, Ariela Freedman, Mark Gallegos, Todd Koransky, Rachel Meltzer, Beth Schafer and Rich Walter (pictured above, in order listed starting top left) join Lauren Adesnik, Bram Bessoff, Jonathan Crane, Becky Herring, Alan Kitey, Sammy Rosenbaum, Eli Sperling and Val Wolpe on our board of directors for this upcoming season.

In addition to our announcement of AJMF’s board development, we updated our website and social media platforms. Check us out:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud

How do we look? Drop us a line (info (at) atlantajmf (dot) org) and let us know.

We’re excited for another season of diverse and engaging Jewish music experiences!