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YLT in the place to be

Yo La Tengo

AJMF’s 5th season (2013-14) is special for a few reasons. Most obviously, we have this sexy, new forum for online engagement (big thanks to David Feldman and Bram Bessoff for your countless hours in development). Behind the scenes, our Teen Open Mic series is picking up steam and we’re now gearing up for teenage musicians being featured at our Spring Festival for the first time. And of course, having one of the most beloved and respected rock bands in America, Yo La Tengo, headline this year’s Main Event at the Variety Playhouse is a huge opportunity for AJMF.

We’re excited for March 20-29 but until then, keep an eye out for frequent updates about this year’s Spring Festival and more right here, on our new blog. If you need daily connection, please find us on these popular social networks: